This section concentrates on the resumes and chronologies of the artists we represent with just a single image provided to profile each artist’s work. More images for each artist can be found under “EXHIBITIONS” (current work), or “STOCKROOM” (all works).

Represented Artists

Jun Azumatei                                               Moe Louanjli                                  Liu Xiaofang                              Jacob Love

                                      Yao Lu                                               Liu Yue                                         Tian Taiquan                                            


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Jun Azumatei



1973: Born in Tokyo, Japan

1999: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Tama Art University, Japan.

2009: Granted by Pola Art Foundation, Japan.

2010: Granted by Japanese Government overseas study programme

2011: Granted by Nomura Foundation

2011: Granted by Nomura Foundation

2012: Granted by Nomura Foundation

2009: Artist in Residence, iaab – Internationales Austausch – und Atelierprogramm Region Basel

2010: Artist in Residence, FRISE,- Kuenstlerhaus und Abbildungzentrum – Hamburg

2009: Lives and works in Basel


Solo Exhibitions

2013: “Double” – Tatiana Kourochkina Galleria d’Art, Barcelona

2011: “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”- AB Projects, Zurich

#23 Jun Azumatei – a piece of space, APS, Tokyo

“Recent Paintings” – Gotthard, Basel

2010: “Threshold Between Worlds” – Atelierhaus Arlesheim, Basel

2009: “Domain of Art 2” – Plaza North/North Gallery, Saitama

Jun Azumatei Exhibition – Fazioli Art Gallery, Tokyo

2008: “The Diva in Form” – Gallery Form, Tokyo

2007: “Gardening Record” – Plaza Gallery, Tokyo

2006: “Fleur de Chocolat” – Tokyo

“Talk on Air” – Gallery Dojunkai, Tokyo

2005: “Touch Me If You Can” – Art Cocoon, tokyo

2004: “Project N17” – Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo

“A Face” – Suika-to, Tokyo

2003: “Smells Like Rain” – Makii Masaru fine Arts, Tokyo

2002: “Recent Paintings” – Century Gallery, London

2001: “Transparent Time” – NC Art Gallery, Tokyo

“Transparent Time” – Art Gallery Kan, Tokyo

“Transparent Time” – Makii Masuru Fine Arts, Tokyo

“Transparent Time” – Suika-to, Tokyo

1998: “Jun Azumatei Exhibition” – Art Gallery Kan, Tokyo


Group Exhibitions

2013: “Kind of Blue” – Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel

“Artist File 2013” – The National Art Centre, Tokyo

2012: “Alle Jahre Wieder” – Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel

“Nishinomiya Funasaka Biennale 2012” – Hyogo, Japan

“Sommerfest” – AB Gallery, Lucern, Switzerland

2011: “Alle Jahre Wieder” – Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel

“5/Go” – Bollag Projektraum, Basel

“Face to Face: Hildegard Spielhofer x Jun Azumatei” – Platform Studio, Tokyo

“Conversing With Nature” – Arte Piazza Bibai, Hokkaido, Japan

2010: “Micro Salon 60” – Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, Tokyo

“Ach Soh!? Vol. 2” – Kuenstlerhaus FRISE, Hamburg

“Silent Position” – Velada St. Lucia 2010 – Santa Lucia, Venezuela

2009: “Regional 10” – Accelerateur de Particules, Strasburg, France

2008: “Yokohama Art and Collection” – Yokohama Home Collection, Yokohama, Japan

“Network Project Japan” – Interalia, Seoul, South Korea

“Milestones” – Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, Beijing

“Layered Landscape” – Makii Masaru Fine Arts, Tokyo

2007: “Emerging Artists in Meguro” – Meguro-ku Museum, Tokyo

“BTAP 5th Anniversary 2002 – 07” – Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, Beijing

“Makii Selection” – Makii Masaru Fine Arts, Tokyo

“A Selection Encouragement Exhibition” – Sonpo-Japan museum, Tokyo

2006: Bunkamura Art Show 2006″ – Bunkamura Art Gallery, Tokyo

“Memories of Light: with Man Furuya” – Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, tokyo

“The Boice Planning is covered With a Profusion of Flowers” – Boice Planning, Kanagawa, Japan

“Opening Exhibition” – Gallery Dojunkai, Tokyo

2005: “Take Art Collection 2005” – Spiral, Tokyo

“The Artificial Paradise” – Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo

2004: “New Flat” – White Cube Osaka, Osaka

“Guardian Garden” – Tokyo

“Take Art Collection 2004” – Spiral, Tokyo

2003: “Guardian Garden” – Tokyo

“Select 4” – Art Gallery Kan, Tokyo

2002: “Nippon TV Crystal Hall”, Tokyo

“Guardian Garden” – Tokyo

Spica Museum, Tokyo

2001: Garage B, Tokyo

2000: “Guardian Garden” – Tokyo

“Drawing Exhibition” – Art Gallery Kan, Tokyo

“Liquitex Biennale” – Spiral, Tokyo

1999: “La Foret” – Harajuku, Tokyo

1996: “Level 2” – Gallery Aoyama, Tokyo



2012: “Open Studio” – Oslo-Ateliers, Basel

2011: “Open Ateliers” – Oslo Ateliers, Basel

2009:  “Open Studio”  – iaab Ateliers 4, Basel

2009: “Work Shop – Cut out the Sky” – Plaza North Gallery, Saitama, Japan





Moe Louanjli


Moe Louanjli was born in Casablanca, educated in France, and now lives in Brisbane, Australia. He is extremely accomplished and multi talented and has to date produced a significant body of work that is thoroughly contemporary, imaginative, innovative, intelligent and technically meticulous – all highly valued components in the making of art. Hayward Fine Art is thrilled to be able to offer Moe a solo show commencing on November 19th where we will showcase a selection of his recent works. There are many others that we simply haven’t the wall space for but which we carry in our stockroom. For serious collectors of contemporary art by emerging artists, Moe’s work offers a wonderful opportunity to acquire work of exceptional quality. The works are now at the gallery and available for viewing.


 7c184c1befcaa50e8cfc785684c6f537      ‘Red Bull’ from the “Yellowcake’ series, 120 x 120 cm, inkjet print, edition of 6




1974: Born Casablanca, Morocco. Lives and works in Brisbane, Australia

1999: MPhil Visual Studies (DEA), University of Paris 1, Pantheon-Sorbonne and Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs (ENSAD), France

2002: MFA (DNSAP), Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA), Paris

2013: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane


Solo Exhibitions

2013:    “QUARTZ”, Hayward Fine Art, Brisbane, Australia

              “Cold Logic”, Code art/aerial photography, Webb Gallery, Brisbane

2009:    “Proglegomena”, Processing/QR Code, White Gallery, Brisbane


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2009: “Peel Island Artists’ Residencies Exhibition”, Photography, College Gallery, Brisbane

2008: “Growing Up – 150 Years of Brisbane”, Photography, Museum of Brisbane

              “Art Brisbane”, Photography, Convention Centre, Brisbane

2004: “Urbanismes”, Photography, Galerie Droite, Ensba, Paris

2003: “Down Under”, Photography, Glaz’art La Villette, Paris

            “Made in Paris”, Photography/C programming, The Centre of Attention, London

            “Chirurgie Geopolitique”, video, Le Vaisseau Fantome, Paris

2000: “Polymediums”, Photography, Galerie Gauche, Ensba, Paris

             “Faraga”, sound installation, Cretail Arts Centre, Paris

             “Human Rights World Day”, Ciema Images d’Ailleurs, Paris

1998:   “Magnum Collective Exhibition”, Photography, SAGA FIAC, Espace Eiffel Branly, Carousel du Louvre, Paris, l’Aeronef de Lille, Lille, Theatre Barbey,                  Bordeaux,  Galerie Chez Pichon, Nantes, Café Julien, Marseille



2008: Peel Island Lazaret Residency, Queensland



2010: Australian Postgraduate Award, Brisbane Australian Reporting Award (ARA), Gold and Silver Awards, Sydney

2001: Gerald Frank Brown, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Perth

            Collin Lefranc, Department of Culture, Paris

1996: Ouvrez l’Art, Ministere de la Culture, Paris




Liu Xiaofang


Born in Datong city, China in 1980 Liu Xiaofang has revealed a degree of creativity and ingenuity that has been quickly recognised and much applauded in her own country and abroad. In a few short years she has had one of her works accepted as the image of the Beijing Olympic Games, been shortlisted at the 2010 Societe Generale Chinese Art Awards, been recognised by the Musee de Elysee as one of today’s most promising photographers, been selected to show at the prestigious 2010 Paris Photo and shown either in group or solo shows in Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, Milan, Paris, Switzerland, Japan and now, Australia.

Xiaofang graduated from the Department of Photography at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and held her first exhibition at the Pingyao International Photo Festival in 2005 at just 25 years of age. By 2008 she had produced her first “I Remember” series of lyrical works featuring a misty backdrop of merging sky and sea so reminiscent of traditional Chinese landscape painting. It is in the detail of the works however where their real meaning and power lies with the protagonist, a little girl,  alone with her memories of an extraordinary array of events that have taken place in her short lifetime. Tension is created as viewers are asked to ponder whether she was in fact a part of these events, or indeed apart from them, a small child on a journey controlled completely by others, an accidental and remote passenger. From this most notable series, “I Remember #3 was selected as the image of the Beijing Games and “I Remember #5 was shortlisted at the 2010 Societe Generale Chinese Art Awards.

Following up a successful and critically acclaimed first series of work can be extremely difficult for artists, actors, musicians or any other creative person. Many simply fade away, quite unable to match yet alone exceed their initial effort, consigned to history as “one hit wonders”. This has not happened to Liu Xiaofang however with her follow up series “I Remember II” being at least the equal of “I Remember I”. Critically, the second series retains the essential ingredients of the first but more importantly, it grows out of, and above the first series. The first series is characterised by a certain dreaminess, an innocent small child floating in a world where at a very safe distance she witnesses and remembers various relatively non threatening things and events – the Birdcage stadium, a rocket launching into the sky or simply the wonder of the sea. The second series retains the important signature of the first but the girl is somewhat older now, her experiences more diverse, and she is now much closer to the action. The events in her life loom larger in her memory and perhaps her world now appears somewhat smaller. Her landscape is certainly not now so idyllic, a greater reality emerges as it does for all human beings as they mature. A missile emerging from the sea at extreme velocity could almost be reached and touched by the little girl, some of the works depict a barren, desolate landscape with the girl a barely discernible figure, and still others the machinery of war such as fighter planes and tanks. All of these new events signal an artist’s message of the loss of innocence that occurs to all children as they grow. Sadly, and most powerful of all is “I Remember #5” which features our heroine perched atop a monstrous and deadly missile, a hapless passenger and potential victim of the horrors inflicted upon the young by their powerful elders.

Hayward Fine Art is proud to present, in full, Liu Xiaofang’s wonderful “I Remember II” series. The exhibition will commence on March 1st, 2014 but the works are now at the gallery and available for viewing.



“I Remember II”, No. 7, Edition of 8, 100 x 100 cm

1980: Born in Datong City, Shanxi Province, China

2002: Graduated from the Department of Photography, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing



2014: “I Remember II”, Hayward Fine Art, Brisbane, Australia

2013: “Group Show”, Amelia Johnson Contemporary, Hong Kong

2012: “I Remember”, Amelia Johnson Contemporary, Hong Kong

2011: “reGeneration 2: Tomorrow’s Photography Today”, Aperture Foundation, New York

“Roppongi Art Night”, Tokyo, Japan

2010: “Exhibition of Recontres d’Aries”,France

“Paris Photo Annual Photography Fair”, Paris, France

“reGeneration 2: Tomorrow’s Photography Today”, Musee de l’Elysse, Switzerland

“A Decade Long Exposure”, Central Academy of Fine Arts and Chinese Contemporary Photography, Beijing

“Linger”, 798 photo Gallery, Beijing

“reGeneration2: Tomorrow’s Photography Today”, Gallerie Azzedine, Paris

“reGeneration 2: Tomorrow’s Photography Today”, Gallerie Carla Sozzarni, Milan, Italy

“Societe Generale Chinese Art Awards”, produced by Societe Generale, China

2008: “Pingyao International Photo Festival”, Pingyao, China

2005: “Pingyao Internatioal Photo Festival”, Pingyao, China



2010: “I Remember 1, No. 5” shortlisted at Societe Generale General Chinese Art Awards

2008: “I Remember 1, No. 3 selected as the image of the Beijing Olympic Games



Jacob Love

Born to wonderful parents in England in 1980, Jacob now lives and works in London. Jacob studied at the University of the West of England and Goldsmiths, where he now teaches. Love’s images, created using large-format film and digital processes, engage with the point where the real meets the virtual.  



Solo Exhibitions

Interior Profile – British Film Institute – 2016
Bare Faced Love, Plinth, Margate, UK – 2016
New Work – Goldsmiths, London – 2015
Interior Profile – Limewharf, London – 2014
States – Lesile Lohman Museum, New York – 2013
Selected Works – The Hospital, London – 2012
Selected New Works – Vauselle Lacheze, Paris – 2010
Line of Flight – Tenderpixel Gallery, London – 2009
Lone Star, Black Tar – The Lyric Hammersmith, London – 2007

Selected Group Exhibitions

14th Room – The Hospital Club, London – 2016
Snapshot – Hayward Fine Art, Brisbane, Australia – 2015
(De) Tour/Enter 12 – Vilniaus, Lithuania – 2014
Could it be Magic? – Goldsmiths, London – 2013
Critical, Creative & Radical – Goldsmiths, London – 2013
Showcase – Gallery 27, Cork St, London – 2012
Facing You – Long White Cloud, London – 2012
Solo a Group Effort – Uberflug, Berlin – 2011
IC Show – The Bargehouse, London – 2008
Group Show – The Old Paint Factory, London – 2006
Today is the Beginning of Tomorrow! – UWE, Bristol – 2005
LINE – Spike Island, Bristol – 2004
Group Show – Royal West of England Academy, Bristol – 2003


The New Utopia – Homoculture – ISSN 3397 – 1002 – 2015
Snapshot exhibition catalogue – ISBN 978-0-9943135-0-8 – 2015
Line of Flight – Limited edition monograph – 2009


Liu Yue

Liu Yue has produced a significant body of high quality work over a relatively short space of time and has exhibited internationally in many countries. In general terms, his art could be described as uncomplicated and of a minimal aesthetic. He also embraces elements of  post modernism by appropriating traditional Chinese art practice and in taking ordinary, everyday, artless objects and transposing them into beautiful landscapes.


1981: Born in Shanghai

2005: Graduated from the Department of Oil Painting at the College of Fine Arts, University of Shanghai


2013: “Contradictions and Trickery”, Hayward Fine Art, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

2012: “Echo”, Ofoto Gallery, Shanghai, CHINA

2011: “Contemporary Photography in China”, TASVEER (Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad), INDIA

“Biennale of Alessandria”, Alessandria, ITALY

“Photo L.A. + ARTLA Projects”, Los Angeles, USA

2010: “Contemporary Photography Exhibition from China”, AKI Gallery, TAIPEI

“Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – Hands on No. 3, DDM”, Shanghai, CHINA

“The Sea Behind – Liu Yue Photo Exhibition”, IMAGO, Shanghai, CHINA

“Cognition, Lianzhou International Photo Festival Thematic Exhibitions”, Lianzhou, CHINA

“Mountain Blossom Group Exhibition”, Upper Station, HONG KONG

“Between the Rise and Fall”, Fei Gallery, CHINA

“Open Frame-New Landscape Photography from China”, Yavuz Fine Art, SINGAPORE

“Sea Line, Photo Beijing”, The Agricultural Exhibition Centre of China, Beijing, CHINA

“Moving”, Likailin Fine Art Gallery, Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM

“Scope Art Show”, Basel, SWITZERLAND

“Hand Feeling No. 2”. 50 Moganshan Road Art District, Shanghai, CHINA

“Young Art Market”, 99 Creative Centre, Shanghai, CHINA

2008: “Absolute Zero”, Ofoto Gallery, Beijing, CHINA

“FOTO OFOTO”, Ofoto Gallery, Beijing, CHINA

2007: ‘Chen Xiaowei, Li Sien, Liu Yue Photography Exhibition”, Ofoto Gallery, Shanghai, CHINA

“In Out”, Refined Nest Gallery, Shanghai, CHINA

2006: “Image Impression Contemporary Photography Exhibition”, Ofoto Gallery, Shanghai, CHINA

“With the Way We Play Games – Hands on No. 1 Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Bin Jiang Creative Enterprises Centre, Shanghai, CHINA

“Six Sleepwalking Art Exhibition”, Shanghai School of Fine Art Exhibition Centre, Shanghai, CHINA

“Orientation”, Solo Photography Exhibition, CHINA

2005: “Shadow 1 Hobbyhorse – () The Memories of People”, Shanghai School of Fine Art Exhibition, CHINA

Yao Lu

Yao Lu has achieved international recognition for his “New Mountains and Waters ” series of work which resolves to illustrate the problem of environmental degradation that is associated with China’s rapid economic growth. We are very fortunate to have been offered the opportunity to show the few remaining examples of the works that he is most recognised for. Accordingly, because of their rarity and their status they are not cheap. However, keen collectors will perhaps relish the opportunity to pick up at least one of these wonderful works before they disappear from the market.


“View of Waterfall With Rocks and Pines”, 120 x 120 cm, edition of 8


 2013: “Concealment and Restructuring”, Hayward Fine Art, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

“The Fields of Photography”, Somerset House, Strand, London, U.K.

2012: “Contrast-Inheritance and Development”, Suzhou, CHINA

“Conceptual Renewal-Short History of Chinese Contemporary Photographic Art”, Beijing, CHINA

“Rising Dragon: Contemporary Chinese Photography”, Katonah Museum of Art, New York, USA

“Italy-China Biennale”, Milan Monza, ITALY

“Fotofast Summer-Autumn Exhibition”, Allen Centre, Houston, USA

“Chinascape-Contemporary Chinese Photography”, Wolfson Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, U.K.

“Getxophoto Festival Asian Fictions Exhibition”, Lima, PERU

“Asia Esrendipity  (Photoespana)”, Madrid, SPAIN

2011: “XXX-Next 10 Years of Contemporary Art, China”, Season One Today, Art Museum, Beijing, CHINA

“Development of the Infinite Balance Exhibition”, museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA), San Diego, USA

“10 Climate Stories”, Science Museum, London, U.K.

“Remaking Our Vision-Travelling Exhibition on Chinese Contemporary Photography”, Ministry of Culture, CHINA

“Yao Lu’s New Landscapes”, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, TURKEY

“Wind Blowing From the East-China-Korea-Japan International Exchange Exhibition”, The Pnu Art Centre, KOREA

“Capturing Cathay”, Galerie du MoNde, HONG KONG

“Close Your Eyes and Tell Me What You See”, Gothenburg, SWEDEN, Turku, FINLAND

“798 Photo Gallery Solo Exhibition”, Beijing, CHINA

“Solo Exhibition”, Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York, USA

2010: “A Decade Long Exposure”, The Central Academy of Fine Arts and Chinese Contemporary Photography, CAFA Art Museum, CHINA

“ParisPhoto”, Paris, FRANCE

“Updating China-Art and Architecture Exhibition on Sustainable Urban Development in China”, Shanghai, CHINA

“Nomadic Reality”, Esse Space, CHINA

“Armory Show”, Miami, USA

“Artbasel 41”, Basel, SWITZERLAND

“Festival de l’Image Enviromentale Internationale”, Montreuil,  FRANCE

2009: “GSK Contemporary Earth: Art of a Changing World”, London, ENGLAND

“Spectacle and Gaze-Exhibition of Contemporary Photography in China”, Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, CHINA

“Parisphoto”, Paris, FRANCE

“Never Equal Distance to the Moon, Power, Politics and the Environment Faurschou CPH, Copenhagen, DENMARK

“Yao Lu’s New Landscapes”, Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York, USA

“Prix Pictet”, Purdy Hicks gallery, LONDON, Passage de Retz Gallery, PARIS

“Open Vision-Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art of the National Gallery, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC”

“Getxophoto Festival”, Bilbao, SPAIN

“Chinese Gardens For Living”, Brussels Meeting Centre, BELGIUM

2008:  “Parisphoto”, Paris, FRANCE

“Then and Now-Memories of the Future”, 2008 Daegu Photo Biennale, Daegu, KOREA

“The Post-Modern Mode of Chinese Contemporary Art”, Shenzhen, CHINA

“Blight and Hope”, Seoul-Lundon Koica-British

“Chinese Gardens For Living”, Pillnitz Dresden, GERMANY

“Concealment and Restructuring- Yao Lu’s New Mountains and Waters”, 798 Photo Gallery, Beijing, CHINA

“Made in China Fotofastiwal”, Lodz, POLAND

“Fotofest International Houston Current Perspectives, 1998-2008”, Houston, USA

“Retrospective Exhibition of Xin Beijing Art Gallery”, New Beijing Art Gallery, Beijing, CHINA

2007: “Lianzhou International Photo Festival”, Lianzhou, CHINA

“Sightseeing”, A9 Art Gallery, Beijing, CHINA

“Absence Exhibition”, Beijing, CHINA

“Glory and Records 567 Art Exhibition”, Beijing—-Berlin—-Paris—-Belgium

“Yesterday Picture Exhibition”, Suo Luo Gallery, Beijing, CHINA

“Aberrance of Chinese Character”, Chinese Base Beijing, CHINA

2006: “New Chinese Occidentalism-China Contemporary Art in Beijing”, Beijing, CHINA

“China Art Today”, China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing, CHINA

“The Post Fact, Images of Yao Lu and Wang Chuan”, New Beijing Art Gallery, Beijing, CHINA

“These-Images of Yao Lu”, Pingyao, CHINA



Shortlisted for the Prix Pictet 2009 for “Concealment an Restructuring Yao Lu’s New Mountains and Waters” series

Winner of the BMW-Paris Photo Prize for Contemporary Photography, 2008







Tian Taiquan


 Tian Taiquan has achieved quite a degree of fame and notoriety for his vast body of photographic montages pertaining to the events and consequences arising form the Cultural Revolution. While doing so, he has pushed to the limit what is permitted in China with regards to he political/social content of his work and there is little doubt that he has used the relative cover of history to “attack” issues of today and get away with it. These are bold, confronting works which nevertheless have a special beauty about them. They are also “international” in their application as the topics lying within are of truly international importance and concern.



“Salvation No. 9, edition of 3, 180 x 90 cm


Tian Taiquan was born in Chongqing, China in 1960 and graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institution in 1984. In his early years as an artist he practised conceptual art but it is his body of work relating to the period of the Cultural Revolution that he is most renowned for. This exhibition brings together a few of the highlights from each of the sub series that make up the overall body of work relating to the Cultural Revolution.

Selected Solo Exhibitions


“Memory of Time,” Hayward   Fine Art, Brisbane, Australia

“Rising Dragon; Contemporary Chinese Photography”, San Jose Museum of Art, California, USA


“Rising Dragon; Contemporary Chinese Photography“, Krannert Art Museum, Illinois, USA

“Rising Dragon; Contemporary Chinese Art”, Katonah Museum of Art, New York, USA

“Totem Recollection,” Art Experience Gallery, Hong Kong

“Shots,” Galerie Albert Benemou, Paris, France


“Regards Croises – A Selecion of Asian Contemporary Art”, Art Plural Gallery, SINGAPORE

“VISUAL Literacy”, Art and Shanghai, Shanghai, CHINA


“7010 – Life After People,” Chongqing, China

“7010 – Life after People,” Yuannan, China

“7010 – Life After People,” Shanghai, China

“7010 – Life After People,” Pingyao, China

“Chasing Flames”, Chinese Group Show, Zadok Art Gallery, Miami, USA


“Hide and Seek,” Beijing, China

“Internet Focus,” Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi, China

“Tears of Eros,” London, United Kingdom


“Not A Dinner Party,” Toronto, Canada

“Tears of Eros,” Manchester, United Kingdom

“Nature,” Shanghai, China

“Truth and Memory,” Gibsone and Jessop, Canada


“Truth and Memory,” Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Shanghai, China

“Marks,” Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Shijiazhiang Contemporary Art Museum, Hebei, China

“A Lonely Studio Story,” Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Singapore

“Totem Recollection,”Pingyao International Photography Exhibition, Shanxi, China

“Lethe,” Chongqing, China

“Lethe,” Pingyao International Photography Exhibition, Shanxi, China


“Lethe,” Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Shenzhen, China

“Abnormal Feeling,” Contemporary Photography Exhibition, , Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China


Selected Group Exhibitions


“Amarcord,” Fellini Gallery, Berlin, Germany

“Stepping in Nature,” MAM Collection of Chinese Conceptual Photography, Macao

‘Rising Dragon,” Contemporary Chinese Photography, Krannert Art Museum, Champaign, Illinois, USA

“Rising Dragon,” Contemporary Chinese Photography, Katonah Museum of Art, New York, USA

“Chinese Contemporary Art Privait View,” Saint-Cyr Grivait Gallery, Paris, France


“Regards Croises,” A Selection of Asian Contemporary Art, Art Plural Gallery, Singapore

“16th Annual Los Angeles Art Show,” Los Angeles, USA

“Eccentric Expressions China,” The Federal Foreign Office, Germany

“Strange Life,” Zurich University, Switzerland

“New Media Arts Dialogue Exhibition of China and Austria,” Shandong, China

“Visual Literacy,” Shanghai, China

“Chongqing Fengjie International Photography Festival, China

“Vous avez dit Revolution,” France

“Anthropocene,” Art by Geneva, Switzerland

“Unable to Pay a Kindness,” Beijing, China


“Platforms and Cultures of the World,” Art Paris and Guests 2010, Grand Palais, Paris, France

“2010 Experimental Art Document Exhibition,”  Russia

“Australia International Photography Competition,” Australia

“Chasing Flames,” Chinese Group Show, Zadok Art Gallery, Miami, USA


“Chinese Scene Chongqing Chapter,” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chongqing, China

“Original Sin,” Shanghai, China

“Vivid – When Art Meets the Digital,” Spectacle, New Media Art Biennale, Kunming, China

“Shanghai Memory – Photography and DV Exhibition of 60 Artists,” Nanjing, China

“The First West China Contemporary Photography Art Invitational Exhibition,” Nanping International Exhibition Centre, Chongqing, China

“Essence of China,” Shanghai, China

“Miami 08 Art Asia,” Miami, USA

“Remix and Share,” International Art Centre, Beijing, China


“Art Basel Miami Beach,” Miami, USA

“China’s Unwanted Girls,” New York, USA

“Crack of the City,” Beijing, China

“Shanghai Art Fair,” Shanghai, China

“Mediascape,” Beijing, China

“Golden Eyes Art Fair 2008,” Seoul, South Korea

“Conversation 2008 China Image,” Beijing, China

“Assemblage under the Five Rings,” China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

“Emersion of the Dream,” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing China


“Shanghai Spring Art Salon,” Shanghai, China

“55 Days in Valencia Chinese Art Valencia de Art Modern” (IVAM), Valencia, Spain

“Tears of Eros,” The Nunnery Gallery, London, United Kingdom


“Unforgettable,” Beijing, China

“Grassroots Humanism – 21 Cases in Contemporary Art,” Beijing, China

“Revolution – From Reality to Imagination,” Beijing, China

“Figural Pleasure,” Kunming, China

“China Photography Collection and Exhibition 2007,” Beijing, China

“Asia International Arts and Antiques Fair 2007,” Hong Kong

“The Perspective of Chinese Art at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,” University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin, USA

“Foreordination and Transcendance,” Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Singapore

“Never Buried in Oblivion,” Beijing, China


“Foreordination and Transcendance,” Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Beijing, China

“First Sign,” Contemporary Arts Invitational Exhibition 2006, Beijing, China

“Media City Seoul 2006,” The 4th Seoul International Media Art Biennale, Seoul, South Korea

“Art Makes World a Better Place,” Shanghai, China

“Tank From Chongqing,” Contemporary Arts Exhibition, Shenzhen, China

“Size Decides Attitude,” The First 5 x 7 Picture-taking Biennale Project, Pingyao, China


“Beyond Temporality,” Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China

“Inward Gazes – Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art,” Macao, China




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