About Us

Hayward Fine Art was founded in 2013 because of a passion for art that engages in the areas of human rights, the environment and internationalism. After initially operating as a “bricks and mortar” gallery in New Farm’s art district, the business has been relocated to a home galleries and consultancy in the southern suburb of Algester. The galleries are dedicated to a permanent exhibition by contemporary Chinese artist, Tian Taiquan, and all the works displayed are owned by the business to demonstrate how much Tian and his work mean to us.

Hayward Fine Art also represents; Yao Lu (China), Liu Yue (China), Liu Xiaofang (China), Jun Azumatei (Japan), Moe Louanjli (Morocco) and Jacob Love (England), all chosen because of their exceptionality. A large selection of works by these artists is available for viewing from our stockroom.

For collectors more interested in Australian art, we have a diverse, high quality selection of modern and contemporary Australian art, also from our private collection.

In addition to selling artworks, Hayward Fine Art acts as an art advisory service. This service pertains particularly to the knowledge and skills required to establish a high quality collection while avoiding the costly errors that beset so many new collectors. We strongly advise new collectors to get good advice before they venture into the art jungle.

Hayward Fine Art operates by appointment only. We welcome collectors who want to do something a little different, people who have a passion for art that engages with their strongly felt interests and concerns. If any of the works in our stockroom section are of interest, please contact us so that we can show them to you in absolute privacy. Likewise, if you would prefer to seek our advice, make an appointment and we will guide you through the process of establishing a quality collection.

Our contact details are;
Director: Robert (Bob) Hayward
Phone: 0432 542 401
Email: bob@haywardfineart.com.au